LOOK AT THIS (i forgot it has his parents too wtf)

"who should we put on this poster? we want naurto because he’s the titular character so everyone loves him. and let’s put the people who are most important to him. let’s see, his parents, of course, and maybe his teammates. sakura and sasuke here, kakashi over there. we’ve still got some space, who else can we put…"

"why don’t we put the rest of team 7? yamato and sai could fit right — "

"no, i got it. i’ll put obito right here, and kabuto next to him."

"oh. well, i guess that makes sense, since they’re the main villains.."

"but obito should be 97% obscured, so we’ll put kiba’s mom in front of him."

"wait — kiba’s mom? really? have they ever even interacted in canon?"

"no, but it’s good. we’ll put her dog right there too."

"listen, if you need two more characters for the poster, yamato and sai ARE official members of team 7 and important people in naruto’s life, so — "

"no, kiba’s mom. it’s good."

"how about putting a couple of charaacters that naruto has actually spoken to, maybe hinata or — "

"no, it’s perfect. kiba’s mom. looks good."

things i never really needed nor wanted to see but have anyway:

  • the video of the amazing atheist shoving a banana up his ass
  • sylvester stallone’s balls

however strange oddity from opera: icon-pop-ups still don’t work? i’m using the latest version of opera (developer) and have the PPAPI flash framework running (which fixed its issues w/ google websites) yet the tumblr hovers are still broken…? just tumblr

my mom just shared a sinfest panel on facebook

i had to port xkit to opera myself cause the official opera client wouldn’t update fast enough, xkit guy should hire me and pay me $1,000 an hour

someone please reply to this post (with anything) so i can test this xkit port


other quirky thing about my house: it’s old so the wiring and set-up is pretty much fuck-all useless, so there’re 2 switches for every hallway light, and almost every bathroom? like i can turn the light on at one end of the hallway and off at the other, so i’m constantly flipping a switch up to turn the light off. there’s also a switch OUTSIDE my personal bathroom, and one inside?? idk who did this

cool fact a lot of my followers don’t know about me/my house: i live on a 3-acre pond! :O

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