it’s hard being beautiful

okay annoying: i have the PPAPI Flash Player installed but Opera’s reading it as NPAPI? Which is why, I’d assume, hovers won’t work for me? What the hell

show me the 3 pics on my preview hover

I’m also considering making wands to sell! I have sugar maple, wild apple, and pine woods, and 3-4 different stain colors. I can always hit up the local supermarket for more filling ingredients, and I may make them made-to-order, for custom wands too? It depends but I’d be really happy to make some money off of a craft I love!

i’ve finished my mom’s wand! :^) i applied the last coat of polyurethane, and it’s drying as we speak; i’ll have pics when it’s dry! my sister’s wand is also coming along really well, i’m letting some home-made rosemary oil steep and tomorrow we’re going to infuse hers with it.