everything is suddenly very tingly and slightly painful so i’m gonna go to bed before what’s probably some sort of stroke sets in goodnight everyone

HONESTLY! how do you feel about todd/pb petplay because im drawing some in the morning

You’re doing it for yourself and yet I feel I owe you something in return, is how I feel about it

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todd and pb need to be gay together

the setup for it was perfect but completely, disappointingly, untapped, imtbho

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Honestly surprised* there was no episode where Todd did some gay things

*not to self: surprised? or disappointed

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i just want the next season to be entirely about the cat

I want 12 episodes— 11 are about Princess Caroline, 1 is about Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter ******* the ****

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what show are u talking about

Bojack Horseman, that “new” (ish) netflix original

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Sad Horse Show is also probably the first adult cartoon I’ve ever seen with no Man-In-A-Dress jokes, so A+ on that front.

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Otherwise, the show was really good! I really relate to, well, just about everyone but Pinky. It was depressing and self-addressing enough to make me care by manipulating my emotions so I’d keep watching in a desperate plea for closure that I knew mirrored that which I’d never get in real life, (ahaha) but still funny.

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my one qualm is, what the hell was going on in episodes 6 and 7, with the nazi motifs/jokes?? that’s not funny :/

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its So

i see way too much of myself in bojack than i’m willing to say outloud, to less than an audience of at least 200 so i can seem relatable

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